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2 Door Expansion Module



2 Door Expansion Module. Used to Expand Door/Input/Output Capacity on PRS-2DR Starter.

Product Description :

The PRS-TDM Is A 2 Door Expansion Module That Expands The Capacity Of A PRS-2DR Starter By 2 Doors.

Features :

  • Up To 3 PRS-TDM Modules Can Be Added To A PRS-2DR Starter For A Max Capacity Of 8 Doors.
  • Board Only With Screws.
  • Communicating Via RS485, This Controller Can Be Connected Via Interconnect Strips Or Standard RS485 Wiring.
  • Can Be Located Up To 2000 Feet From The Master Controller.
  • Door Controller Connects To PROTECTOR.Net Software Deployed Locally/Remotely
  • Hosted By The Integrator Or Hartmann Controls Corp Cloud-Based Hosting Through The PRS-Master Included In PRS-2DR Starter It.
  • Enterprise Grade PROTECTOR.Net Software Meets The Needs Of Small To Enterprise Type Sites.
  • Some Highlights Include Open API, Unlimited Customization Via ACE Server-Side Scripting Engine
  • Powerful Partitioning
  • Administrator Permissions
  • Extensive Notification/Alert Customization
  • Mobile Support
  • End-To-End Encryption
  • VMS Integration
  • Active Maps
  • LDAP Integration and More.

Advanced Hardware Functions Include :

  • Built-In ADA Opener Sequencing
  • Key-Switch Level Alarm Integration
  • Mantrap/Interlock Support
  • Anti-Passback
  • Triple Swipe Actions
  • User Specific Action
  • Local/Remote Lockdown

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