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5G LTE-M AlarmComm/Dual-PathIP(Verizon)



Alula Commercial Fire Dual-Path IP/Cellular Verizon 5G LTE-M Alarm Communicator

(for Universal Contact ID Control Panels)

The BAT-FIRE-VZ Can be Configured to Provide Dual-Path Connectivity Using Ethernet/Broadband and Cell or Single-Path Connectivity Using Either Ethernet/Broadband or Cell to Bosch Conettix D6100IPv6 Receivers at the Central Station.

The BAT-FIRE-VZ Allows System Integrators : 

  • To Save Money,
  • Maximize Install Flexibility and
  • skip the 4G cellular sunset.

It Provides Two PSTN Interfaces for the FACP/Burg Panel’s DACT Phone Line Connections.

The BAT-Fire’s DACT Phone Interface Connection Provides :

  • Phone Line Voltage
  • Dial Tone
  • Ringback Tone
  • All Required CID protocol signaling.

The BAT-FIRE-VZ Receives CID Events from the FACP/Burg Panel’s DACT and Then Relays the CID Events to The Central Station Receiver. The BAT-FIRE-VZ Provides Inputs That Can Be Used to Monitor an FACP’s Alarm, AC Fail, and Trouble Points (Dry Contact Outputs).

The Communicator Will Continually Monitor the State of the FACP Points (Dry Contact Outputs).
A State Change on a BAT-FIRE-VZ Monitored FACP Point (Dry Contact Output) Will be Reported to the Central Station.

Please Note : For UL 864 10th Edition, This Configuration May Only be Used for Panels with One Input Zone.

Product Features :

  • Supports 12V and 24V Regulated FACPs/Burg Panels
  • Alarm Capture Via Phone Line Interface or Standard FACP/Burg Panel Points
  • Supports Contact ID (CID) Reporting Format
  • Dual Path: Ethernet (primary) with Cellular Verizon 5G LTE-M (backup)
  • Sole Path: Ethernet or Cellular Verizon 5G LTE-M
  • Platform Visibility Through AlulaConnect™
  • Trouble Event Detection and Reporting
  • Four Programmable Input/Output Ports
  • At-a-Glance System Status Via Front-Panel LEDs
  • UL 864 10th Edition Commercial Fire Certification
  • ULC-S559 Commercial Fire Certification
  • UL 1610 Commercial Burg Certification
  • ULC-S304 Commercial Burg Certification (Security Level II installations)
  • Remote Programming, Troubleshooting and Managed Over-the-Air Firmware Upgrades
  • 5-Year Warranty

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