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Wireless NanomaxDoor/WindowAlarmContact


RE622 –

Alula Wireless Encrypted Nanomax Door/Window Alarm Contact (for Connect+ Panel)

The Alula RE622 is Typically Used to Sense Opening and Closings of Doors and Windows, But Can Secure Just About Anything Using its Strip & Stick™ External Contact Holes. It Will Alarm When the Magnet is Pulled Away from the NanoMax or When the External Contact is Opened.

To Enroll the RE622 : 
Begin by Placing the Panel Into Wireless Enrollment Mode and Then Sending an Enrollment Signal from the NanoMax Sensor. Alternatively, The NanoMax Sensor can be Enrolled by Scanning its Bar Code Using the HeliLink App or By Entering its 8-Character Serial Number on the Interactive GeoArm Web Portal.

To Install the RE622 : 
Begin by Removing the Adhesive Paper and Adhering the NanoMax and Magnet on a Door or Window. Make Sure to Align the Alignment Marks on the NanoMax and Magnet when Mounting. Alternatively, NanoMax can be Used with an External Contact Instead of the Reed Switch.

The 3M VHB Tape Works Great if the Surface is Properly Prepared and Firm Pressure is Applied for Over 10 Seconds. The RE622’s Wireless Performance is Optimized When Mounted Near the Top of the Door in a Vertical Orientation. The MetalMax™ Please Consider Adding the NanoMax Mounts (RE033-16) for Better Performance on Metal and Narrow Mounting Situations.

Product Features:

  • Transmits Power at the Full FCC Limits (Maximizing Range)
  • Support for an External Contact
  • 1-Inch Magnet Gap
  • Cover Tamper
  • 6+ Year Battery Life
  • Quick Peel and Press Mounting
  • Small Profile for a Near Invisible Look
  • Most Flexible Magnet Positioning in the Industry
    Strip & Stick External Contact Holes
  • 5 Year Warranty

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