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16 Port 2 SFP 120W Switch (8 PoE+ Ports)


The S16-PoE is a rackmountable switch with sixteen 10/100/1000 ports, eight of which support PoE+.
The S16-PoE includes two SFP ports. All of the Alta Labs switches include Bluetooth functionality for seamless device setup.

Features :

  • Bluetooth Setup :
    The Alta Labs switches include Bluetooth functionality allowing for seamless setup using the Alta Labs mobile app.
  • Mobile App :
    Monitor and manage your networks from the convenience of your mobile device. The management interface is easily accessible via mobile app or web browser. Sign up for an Alta Labs account using just your name, email, and password or use Google Authentication.
  • Egress and Ingress Rate Limiting :
    The switches offer egress and ingress rate limiting. This allows inbound and outbound traffic to be limited to a portion of the available bandwidth per connection. For example, a hotel may want to provide guests with free 5 Mbps internet download (egress) connections but require guests pay an extra fee for 100+ Mbps speeds. The upload (ingress) speeds from the guests devices can also be limited.
  • Customizable Dashboard :
    Customize your dashboard with the information you want to see: IP address, Load, number of devices, MAC address, firmware version, network color assignment, and real-time status details
  • Status Snapshots :
    View upload and download throughput with a visual timeline on the dashboard for each device displayed along with the number of connected devices, average processor load, channel load, and average connected devices. Select a snapshot of the last minute, last hour, last two days, or last two months.

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