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12RU IDF Rack (Depth 24in)


IDF-TM-1224BK :

12RU IDF Series Rack

Choose The IDF When Rack Mounting Hubs, Routers And Other Equipment Overhead In Warehouses, Retail Outlets Or Any Larger, Open Location. Mounts To Building Truss Or Unistrut® Beams Using 1/2 Inches Threaded Rod, Or Directly To Unistrut Beams. A Great Solution For Distributed Systems.

Features :

  • 12RU
  • 24 Inches Deep
  • Mounts To Building Truss Or Unistrut Beam Using Threaded Rods (Not Included)
  • Can Also Mount Directly To Unistrut Beam
  • Includes A Safety Lanyard To Ensure A Secure Installation
  • Ships With Included Rackmount Power Distribution Unit,
    Model # PD-915R Dual Exhaust Fans Extend Equipment Life
  • Aluminum Bottom Plate For Mounting Wireless Antennae, Dome Cameras, And More
  • Multiple UHF/VHF Antenna Knockouts On The Bottom Of The Enclosure
  • Rack Top Includes Four Integral Gland Grommeted 4 Inch Cable Pass-Throughs
  • Standard Solid Front And Rear Locking And Latched Doors With Safety Chains
  • Standard Front And Rear Adjustable 10-32 Threaded Rackrail With Numbered Spaces

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