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Wireless Outdoor Door/Window Contact


RE622 :

Connect+ Encrypted Wireless Outdoor Door and Window Sensor Designed for the Connect+ Security System Panel.

The RE622 Outdoor Door/Window Sensor is a Full-Featured Security Transmitter with Industry-Leading Wireless Range and Battery Life. It is Designed to Sense the Opening and Closing of Gates, Sheds, and Other Outdoor Open/Close Applications. An Alarm Signal will be Transmitted When the Magnet is Pulled Away From the Sensor, or When an External Contact is Opened.

To Install the RE622 :
Begin by First Attaching the Mounting Plate and Magnet to a Door, Window, or Fence Using Screws (Provided) or Cable Ties (Not Provided). Face of Mounting Plate Marked "Flat Mount" is to be Mounted Against Flat Surfaces (e.g. Square Wood Post). Face of Mounting Plate Marked "Pole Mount" is to be Mounted Against Round Surfaces (e.g. Fence Post). Make Sure to Align the Alignment Marks on the Sensor and Magnet when Mounting. Finish by Latching the Sensor to the Mounting Plate and Tightening the Cover-Securing Screw to Secure the Sensor in Place.

Product Features :

  • Industry-Leading Wireless Range and Battery Life
  • Wide Magnetic Gap Distance
  • Two Built-In External Contact Zones
  • Secure Encrypted Wireless Transmissions
  • IP67 Waterproof Enclosure Rating
  • 5 Year Warranty

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