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1HP Industrial SPhase Dual 115V Operator


SL595101U :

1 HP Heavy Duty Industrial Single Phase Dual Volt 115 Door Operator

The Liftmaster SL595 Is An Extreme Heavy-Duty Door Operator For Industrial Locations Such As Manufacturing Plants And Truck Depots. The Extremely Powerful Design Supports Gate Lengths Up To 90 Feet And Gate Weights Up To 2,500 Pounds. Fully Enclosed NEMA 3R Oil-Tight, Weatherproof Lockable Cabinet And A High-Starting Continuous-Duty Torque Motor With Built-In Overload Protection Ensure Rugged And Reliable Performance. This Model Is Ideal For The Heaviest Industrial Installations And Is UL325-Compliant.

Features :

  • Confidently Know What’s Going On At Home With MyQ Technology. It Lets You Monitor And Control Your Gate Operator And Lighting From Anywhere (When Paired With The LiftMaster Internet Gateway)
  • Receive Email Or Text Alerts So You Always Know The Status Of Your Gate And Lighting.
  • Get The MyQ Mobile App For Free. No Annual Activation Fee Required
  • Requires 828LM MyQ Internet Gateway To Connect To MyQ Smartphone App.

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