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12RU MMR Series Rack - 20in Deep


MMR-1220 :

12 RU MMR Series Rack – 20 Inches Deep

Description :

The Essex Multi Mount Rack Is A Fully-Welded Equipment Mounting Solution Offering Exceptional Versatility At An Affordable Price. MMR Series Racks Feature The Flexibility To Be Installed Desktop, Floor-Standing Or Wall Mounted In One Of Three Distinct ways.

Features :

  • Most Versatile Fully Welded Rack That Can Be Desktop, Floor-Standing Or Wall Mounted
  • Multiple Wall Mount Options Provide Flexibility For Budgets And Workflows :
    – Easy Access Pivot
    – Hang Bracket For Mounting Fully Integrated Rack
    – Direct-To-Wall
  • Trusted Middle Atlantic Quality
  • Best Value For Entry-Level AV Systems
  • Available In Sizes Complementary To ResidentialAV Systems : 10, 12, 16, 18, Rackspaces
  • UL Listed
  • Up To 250 LB Weight Capacity
  • Attractive Design With Sleek Metallic Grey Finish
  • Passive Ventilation Designed Into Rack Top And Sides ;
    Optional Quiet DC Fan Tops Move Up To 276 CFM
  • Options Include : 
    – Casters For Mobility
    – Leveling Feet For Fixed Installation
    – Locking Solid And Plexi Doors That Install In Seconds
    – Minimizing Installation Time
    – Accessory And Power Kits
    – Bundles
  • Ideal For Installation In Closets, Basements And Equipment Rooms
  • Standard Front Adjustable 10-32 Threaded Rackrail

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