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ProtectorNet Enterprise License - 5 Year


ProNetEnt5YR : 

Is A 5 Year Enterprise License.
Supports Unlimited Doors,Cameras, And Partitions

PROTECTOR.Net Comes With A One Year Free Trial.
Afterwards, PROTECTOR.Net Is Licensed On 1 Year Or 5 Year Terms.

This Package Supports Unmanaged Doors, Elevator Panels and LDAP Support

Grace Period :

Upon The First Login After The License Has Expired, PROTECTOR.Net Will Enter A 15 Day Grace Period Where The System Functions Normally.This Is For Users That Don’t Access The System That Often , To Give Them A Time Period To Get The Licensing Done While Allowing Them To Make The Changes They Need To.

Life Safety :

Once The Grace Period Has Elapsed, PROTECTOR.Net Will Enter Into Life Safety Mode. This Allows Administrators To Make Critical Changes Without Having A Valid License.

The Following Actions Are Permitted In Life Safety Mode :

  • Pulsing Doors
  • Removing Users / Credentials
  • Overriding Doors, Floor, Input and Outputs
  • Override To Crisis Level
  • Removing Administrators, Changing Passwords and Modifying Permissions
  • Panel Commands (Update Panels,Reset Anti-Passback, Disconnect Panel, Firmware Update, Etc.)

The Following Are Disabled When In Life Safety Mode :

  • Adding / Modifying Users / Credentials
  • Adding / Modifying Holidays
  • Viewing Cameras / Reports
  • Changing Time Zones

Purpose Of License  :

Licensing Helps Us Continue To Develop And Add New Features to PROTECTOR.Net. It Can Facilitate Regular Contact Bewteen The End User And The Security Integrator; Which Can Lead To Revenue Via Performing Door Hardware Maintenance, System Add-Ons / Expansion. Licensed Software Gives Dealers And End Users The Benefit Of Low Upfront Costs

With A Valid PROTECTOR.Net License, Your System Is Also Entitled To Free Core Software Updates.

Installation :

Once Purchased ; You Can Contact Hartmann Controls Corp Via Toll Free Number (1-877-411-0101) Or Via Email (Support  @ With a PO Reference That Was Provided At Time Of Purchase

Must Be Logged Into The PROTECTOR.Net Web Interface As A System Administrator. An Account Number Will Be Provided From Hartman Controls. A 25 Character Request Key Will Be Generated Which Must Be Sent To Hartmann Controls. A 25 Character Response Key Will Then Be Provided, Completing The Process.

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